Next 16/4 Plenum Speaker Wire - 16AWG, 100% Copper, Plenum (CMP/CL2P/CL3P) Rated


16 gauge plenum speaker wire with four (4) conductors, green, white, red and black in a black outer jacket. Each conductor is composed of 16 individual strands of copper. UL listed for plenum (CMP/CL2P/CL3P) and in-wall (CL2/CL3) use.

  • Foot Markers & Room Labels - Foot markers ensure that you always know how much wire is left in the box. Room labels allow you can keep track of which room (and wall) each wire goes to.
  • Rip cord and Low-Friction Tissue - Rip cord and low-friction tissue make it easy to remove the outer jacket when terminating.
  • 100% Copper - We only use 100% copper conductors, no copper clad aluminum (CCA). CCA is an aluminum core with a thin layer of copper around the outside. It is frequently used as a low-performance, low-cost alternative to copper.
  • Built To Spec - We only use full-thickness conductors, so you’ll never get anything less than what it says on the box. Reducing the thickness of a wire’s conductors is a common cost saving technique, but something we will never do.
  • UL Verified and Listed - All of our wire uses appropriate jacketing material and has been tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to meet fire safety standards. We’ve never been called out by UL for falsely claiming to meet fire safety standards and we never will be.
Packaging: Next Pro Box
  • REELEX Wind & 4” Payout Hole- Proprietary REELEX II wind and huge 4” payout hole combine to eliminate kinks and tangles as wire is pulled out of the box.
  • A Tough Box - Reinforced handles, super-strong cardboard, and a water resistant coating ensure that the box can withstand a lot of abuse.

Wire Specs
  • Gauge - 16AWG
  • Conductor Count - 4
  • Conductor Colors - Red, Black, Green, White
  • Strand Count - 26
  • Strand Construction - Stranded Bare Copper
  • Jacket Outside Diameter - 5.24mm ± 0.1mm
  • Ratings - UL CMP, CL3P
  • Certifications - FT6, RoHS
  • Available Colors - White, Black
  • Available Lengths - 500ft
Part Number GTIN/UPC
NX-16X4-CL3P-WH-500 00850001725026
NX-16X4-CL3P-BK-500 00850001725194